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All Natural Food and Fresh Baked Treats For Your Dogs



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Only The Best of Everything For Your Dog

We offer all natural foods, treats, pet pastries and many popular dog brands of food, toys, chews, and other products.  Stop in our store to view all of our offerings.

Classic Cremes

All Natural treats for dogs include our Carob and Peanut Buttered flavors.  We use simple, real ingredients and slow baking to lock in all those luscious flavors.

Cookie Dough Wafers

These treats are fully baked but we doubt your dog will notice. These drool worthy Cookie Dough Ice Cream wafers include large vanilla wafers and tiny carob chip cookie dough flavor wafers.

Seasonal Treats

We offer a selection of seasonal treats throughout the year. Pumpkin Cookies are an autumn favorite. Customers can choose from any of our regular or special treats.

The Three Dog Bakery Story

The original bakery for dogs, Three Dog Bakery was founded 25 years ago with one mission: to fresh-bake, from scratch, the world’s best dog treats and provide pet parents everywhere yummy, natural dog food they can feel good about giving their furry family members.  When I had an opportunity to open my own Three Dog Bakery in Cleveland, it was a longtime dream that finally Cappy and Ellie became a reality. I’m truly excited to bring smiles to the dogs of Cleveland, and their owners too.

When you visit the bakery you may be greeted by our official bakery pups, Cappy and Ellie, my French Bulldogs.  And when not tending to the bakery, my husband Dave and I spend time at local events and especially enjoy dog-friendly places.

I understand that your dogs are your babies. That’s why every ounce of dog food and treats that come from our bakery has been carefully crafted to ensure that your fur baby gets only the best. No salt, no sugar, no added dyes or chemicals – just fresh-baked goodness in every bite.

I invite you to visit our location in Cleveland at 2929 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113

Celebration Cakes

Bone Cakes or Round Cakes:   You can choose from your dog’s favorite shape in one of our many fantastic flavors or select one of our traditional Round Cakes.  Cakes are fresh-baked from natural ingredients and are iced with a low-fat, low-lactose yogurt frosting and a message written in dog-friendly carob.

  • Bone Cakes:  Sizes: Small or Large
  • Round Cakes:  Small (5″ Diameter) or Large (7″ Diameter)
  • Flavors: Carob, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, or Carrot Cake (Round Cakes Only)
  • Also offered are Wheat Free, and Grain Free Cakes for an additional $2


Cakes should be refrigerated and served within one week, or can be frozen for up to two months.


Rawhides & Chews

It’s a fact that dogs chew, so instead of chewing your shoes, find your pet the perfect chew! We stick to our mission of providing the healthiest, chemical-free options for your pet. We even offer a no-rawhide alternative, so know that we have searched near and far to bring you the very best. Here’s to chewing without the worry. Your dogs thank you!

Available flavors are Vanilla, Plain, Peanut Butter, Chicken, and Beef.

Three Dog Bakery Cleveland

2929 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 339-1929

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